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I know for a fact that I will probably never update this journal, but I wanted to make an entry, a welcome, a disclaimer for my friends.

I'm happy that I created an account while it was open, and I hope to stay connected to you all. And perhaps I will be more inclined to update it as time passes.
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Hello, love!
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[personal profile] flyingmechanical 2012-01-03 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
I wish you'd update/crosspost here, if only because loading LJ is like punting my head through a brick wall these days, but I understand! ♥
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It's just so fun here! it's like this big shiny new sandbox... it makes me like blogging like I haven't since I was, like, on Woohu for the first time.
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Yes! I'm sliding a little off on blogging since NOTHING INTERESTING IS HAPPENING... And I'm not 13 anymore, I can't make entire updates based solely on song lyrics or "*sways*".